The use of an Aquarium or even Pond Sponge Filter is a proven and yet economical way to maintain effective aerobic biological filtration.

A Sponge Filter IS PROVEN useful for these applications:
*Main Filter, *Secondary Filter, *Pre-filter, *Sump or Central Filter System in Fresh or Marine Aquariums (the Hydro Pond Sponge works great for this), *Hospital Filter, *Bowl or Small Tank Filter.
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For a full article about how "The Best" Sponge Filters work, please visit this site:
"Sponge Filtration; How Sponge Filters work in Aquariums and Ponds"

This article is a MUST read as these filters Surpass most other filters in aerobic Bio Filtration; HydroPond & HydroSponge #5 PRO Sponge Filters even surpass many over hyped Canister Filters (only Fluidized Bed Filters out perform Sponge Filters for aerobic bio filtration)!
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To purchase the best in Sponge Filters at the lowest total prices
(when shipping is factored in):
Sponge Filters

Premium Patented ATI Hydro Sponge Filters, with links to ATI Filter Max Sponge Pre-Filters, Aquarium Filter Kits & Hydro Pond Filters

Sponge Filter Pictures

Sponge Filter (Filtration) Pictures & Diagrams for Aquariums

*This post shows several different how-to aquarium (& pond) sponge filter applications via diagrams/pictures.

*This also includes Sponge Pre-filter applications as well.

Sponge Filter Diagrams

The first picture shows how the concept of an aquarium sponge filter connected to an air pump functions/works.

This second picture shows the basic flow pattern with different lift tube heights or pump configurations.

These next two pictures/diagrams show basic Sponge Filter set up methods.
First is an air pump set up and the second is how to convert a AAP Power Head (or similar) to connect with a Sponge Filter

Sponge Filter, air pump installation diagram

This diagram/picture shows the many ways an AAP Filter Max can attach to a filter such as the AAP Tidal Premium HOB Filters

This picture shows a Filter Max Aquarium Prefilter connected to a AAP HJ-1542 Water Pump (a Filter Max #3 is recommended, although the #2 can work as well).
This application works well for using your Pump to other filters such a converted pond filter.

Pre filter with power head pump

Please see this article for MUCH more Sponge Filtration Information:
*Sponge filtration; How sponge filters work and the benefits of using sponge filters in aquariums and ponds

For sites to purchase Premium Hydro Sponge Products:
*AAP/ATI Hydro Sponge Filters

*AAP/ATI Filter Max Prefilters

*ATI Hydro Pond/Sump Filters

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