The use of an Aquarium or even Pond Sponge Filter is a proven and yet economical way to maintain effective aerobic biological filtration.

A Sponge Filter IS PROVEN useful for these applications:
*Main Filter, *Secondary Filter, *Pre-filter, *Sump or Central Filter System in Fresh or Marine Aquariums (the Hydro Pond Sponge works great for this), *Hospital Filter, *Bowl or Small Tank Filter.
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For a full article about how "The Best" Sponge Filters work, please visit this site:
"Sponge Filtration; How Sponge Filters work in Aquariums and Ponds"

This article is a MUST read as these filters Surpass most other filters in aerobic Bio Filtration; HydroPond & HydroSponge #5 PRO Sponge Filters even surpass many over hyped Canister Filters (only Fluidized Bed Filters out perform Sponge Filters for aerobic bio filtration)!
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To purchase the best in Sponge Filters at the lowest total prices
(when shipping is factored in):
Sponge Filters

Premium Patented ATI Hydro Sponge Filters, with links to ATI Filter Max Sponge Pre-Filters, Aquarium Filter Kits & Hydro Pond Filters

ATI Sponge Filter, History

About ATI Sponge Filters

Aquarium Technology, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Joseph C. Gargiulo.
He, in 1991 lived in Atlanta, Georgia, were he still currently resides today.
At the time the company making the Hydro Sponge Filter was run and operated by Springfield Tool and Tie (known by most as Lustar) in Springfield, New Jersey.


From the time period of 1991 through 2005 ATI has sales numbers that were about the same every year. However, in late 2005 Lustar made an announcement that they were closing their doors, so Aquarium Technology, Inc had to figure out something to do as the Lustar Sponge Filter was a major product line for ATI.
There were two options. One of which being closing the company and the owner, Joseph Gargiulo, thought about closing the company as his time and efforts were already in so many other things. The other option was moving the company to Atlanta.
After 2-3 months of business conversations with Lustar and pondering the idea of having the company closer to him, Joseph made the decision of moving the company to Atlanta.

In March of 2006 Aquarium Technology, Inc had begun its move south. It took over 2 ½ months to move the entire company. By late May 2006, ATI had reopened its doors for business in Atlanta.

After opening its doors in Atlanta, Aquarium Technology Inc, had slowly begun to grow; taking in more orders, getting a patent (5203990) for original Lustar Hydro-Sponge filter, and supplying these Sponge Filters to more distributors along with other products.
By the end of May 2007 the company had seen a near 6% increase in just that one year.

Over the years, AAP (American Aquarium Products) has become the main/prime distributor for the Hydro Sponge Filter (& the only seller with the full line of popular ATI/AAP Hydro Sponge Filters & pre-filters, including combos).

Hopefully over near future ATI will plan to release new product lines, update customers more, and become well known throughout the aquatic filtration market.

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