The use of an Aquarium or even Pond Sponge Filter is a proven and yet economical way to maintain effective aerobic biological filtration.

A Sponge Filter IS PROVEN useful for these applications:
*Main Filter, *Secondary Filter, *Pre-filter, *Sump or Central Filter System in Fresh or Marine Aquariums (the Hydro Pond Sponge works great for this), *Hospital Filter, *Bowl or Small Tank Filter.
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For a full article about how "The Best" Sponge Filters work, please visit this site:
"Sponge Filtration; How Sponge Filters work in Aquariums and Ponds"

This article is a MUST read as these filters Surpass most other filters in aerobic Bio Filtration; HydroPond & HydroSponge #5 PRO Sponge Filters even surpass many over hyped Canister Filters (only Fluidized Bed Filters out perform Sponge Filters for aerobic bio filtration)!
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To purchase the best in Sponge Filters at the lowest total prices
(when shipping is factored in):
Sponge Filters

Premium Patented ATI Hydro Sponge Filters, with links to ATI Filter Max Sponge Pre-Filters, Aquarium Filter Kits & Hydro Pond Filters

Sponge Pre-Filter Benefits


The simplest way to perform sponge Pre-filtration is using a specifically designed Sponge Prefilter such as the Filter Max (pictured to the left)

However an aquarist can use a standard Aquarium Sponge Filter (such as the Hydro Sponge #2 shown in this picture) attached to the Aquarium Power Filter as shown in the picture to the left (please click the picture to enlarge for a better view).

Here are just a few of the Advantages/Benefits:

• Provides additional Bio Filtration, often vastly more than the bio capacity of most Aquarium Power Filters
• Allows for aquarium Power Filter media/cartridge changes/cleanings without the worry of loss of important nitrifying bio bacteria
• Prevents weak, sick, baby fish from being sucked into or stuck on the filter intake.
• Allows for much of the un-eaten fish food from being immediately removed from the water column during feeding. Fish can often “graze” on these food particles on the sponge that would otherwise be taken into the power filter (Mollies especially love to graze on these particles)
• Increases Bio capacity of the aquarium
• Easy to clean. Just rinse and squeeze in used tank water

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